Staff Directory


Photo of Sharla Heistad

Mrs. Sharla Heistad



Photo of Selena Frizzley

Mrs. Selena Frizzley

Assistant Principal

Phone: 403-227-2123 ext 392604

Photo of Stefan Labrecque

Mr. Stefan Labrecque


Administrative Assistants

Photo of Teresa Henry

Mrs. Teresa Henry

Administrative Assistant


Photo of Jennifer Hare

Mrs. Jennifer Hare

Family School Enhancement Counsellor

Photo of Simone Hoffer

Mrs. Simone Hoffer



Photo of Kimi Abreu

Mrs. Kimi Abreu

Grade 3

Photo of Allyson Bendfeld

Miss Allyson Bendfeld

Gr 6 Math & Science/Phys Ed

Photo of Diana Bushell

Mrs. Diana Bushell


Photo of Megan Buyks

Mrs. Megan Buyks

Grade 7

Photo of Nicole Clarke

Mrs. Nicole Clarke

Grade 9

Photo of Christian Damgaard

Mr. Christian Damgaard

Phys Ed

Photo of Meghan Hebert

Miss Meghan Hebert

Grade 3

Photo of Cheyenne Klassen

Mrs. Cheyenne Klassen

Grade 9

Photo of Dana Lacombe

Ms. Dana Lacombe

Grade 5

Photo of Mary LeBlanc

Mrs. Mary LeBlanc


Photo of Amanda Matier

Mrs. Amanda Matier


Photo of Sara Nixon

Mrs. Sara Nixon

Grade 4

Photo of Valarie Norman-Organ

Mrs. Valarie Norman-Organ

Grade 1

Phone: 403-227-212

Photo of Jennifer Salahub

Mrs. Jennifer Salahub

Grade 8

Photo of Olivia Shields

Mrs. Olivia Shields

Grade 1

Photo of Melissa Skinner

Mrs. Melissa Skinner

Grade 7

Photo of Robyn Stones

Mrs. Robyn Stones

Pre Kindergarten

Photo of Laura Stuckart

Mrs. Laura Stuckart

Grade 8

Photo of Logan Vanderham

Mr. Logan Vanderham

Grade 8

Photo of Peggy Wright

Mrs. Peggy Wright

Grade 2

Photo of Laurel Zuk-Dach

Mrs. Laurel Zuk-Dach

Grade 1

Support Staff

Photo of Vanessa Chavira

Mrs. Vanessa Chavira

Support Staff

Photo of Lisa Harrick

Mrs. Lisa Harrick

Support Staff

Photo of JoAnne Keevill

Mrs. JoAnne Keevill


Photo of Tess Manansala

Mrs. Tess Manansala

Support Staff

Photo of Samantha Masyk

Mrs. Samantha Masyk

Support Staff

Photo of Christina Ogley

Mrs. Christina Ogley

Support Staff

Photo of Veronica Smith

Mrs. Veronica Smith

Support Staff

Photo of Cindy Spence

Mrs. Cindy Spence

Support Staff

Photo of Angie Weddell

Mrs. Angie Weddell

Support Staff

Custodial Staff

Photo of Diosmany Noda

Mr. Diosmany Noda