Shaving Cream Snowmen

Pre-Kindergarten students had a blast today creating snowmen using shaving cream and glue combined.  

Grade 3 Pumpkin Investigation and Carving

Mrs. Hebert and Ms. Lacombe's grade 3 class spent time investigating pumpkins.  They weighed, measured and made predictions of their pumpkins before carving them into Jack-o''-lanterns.

Pumpkin Carving

Mrs. Hoffer's Pre-Kindergarten class enjoyed pumpkin carving with the help of Mrs. Clarke's Gr. 9 class this week.

Fabric Dying

Pre-Kindergarten students and parents experienced fabric dying together during a family oriented session.  All students went home with their dyed shirt.

Pre-Kindergarten Leaf Hunt

Students enjoyed a foggy leaf hunt with their parents this morning.  Many colorful treasures were found while exploring on a nature walk.

Elementary Fun Day!

Elementary students enjoyed the warm weather with their classmates and teachers while celebrating another successful school year during our annual fun day events.



March Maker Space Month

Students explored various maker space stations in the Learning Lounge this past week.  All stations were self-directed encouraging students to tinker, problem solve, create and most importantly work together.  Whether they were disassembling printers, creating a wind tunnel or manipulating Spheros all students were intently engaged.  Kudos to all staff involved in creating such a fun and educational space.

Making Bread with The Breadlady

During a Family Oriented Program the Pre-kindergarten class had a visit from Kaycee Monteleone AKA The Breadlady.  Students were taught how to mill the grain and all took home a small loaf of bread they made.  


Students were feeling the beat during a POUND class lead by Char Andrew, our Health and Wellness Coordinator, during Phys. Ed. class yesterday.  Students in kindergarten through to grade nine were able to experience POUND during Phys. Ed.  Special thanks to Mrs. Andrew for leading a fun and upbeat phys. ed. class.

Grade 8's and 9's celebrating Pi Day with Pie!

March 14th just isn't the same without the feast of some yummy pie!  Grade 8 and 9 teachers kindly provided pie for their students in celebration of Pi Day today! 

St. Marguerite Girls Basketball Team Earns Bronze

Shrove Tuesday Celebration