Grade 3 Building Playgrounds

Grade 3 students learning all about designing, and purchasing supplies as they build their playgrounds.

Yoga & Fruit in Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten students had the opportunity to attend a free parented yoga session during one of the family-oriented programming days.  This session offered the chance for pre-kindergarten students to lead in a variety of moves and included individual poses as well as poses that required partners.  It was nice to have the teachers take part as well.  Everyone finished the session by sharing a delicious and healthy tray of fruit together. 

Grade 2 Boats

What makes your boat float?  The grade two's are increasing their rationality by designing boats that float, are stable, can carry a load and move through the water.  What a fun way to use God's gifts.



Volleyball Pep Rally

To wrap up a successful volleyball season both the boys and girls teams challenged the staff to a fun game of volleyball. The final score ended with tied games for all.  Students showed their support by cheering on all volleyball players.

Sorting Hat

Ms. Lacombe, one of our grade 3 teachers, turned her classroom into Hogwart's to enhance her student's learning as they read Harry Potter during a unit in Language Arts.  The students went through the experience of wearing the "sorting hat" to find out what "house" they would belong to.  Whether they ended up in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff I'm sure they will have loads of fun while embarking through the adventure of Harry Potter.


Grade 7 Anishinaabe X-ray Art

Grade sevens spent a considerable amount of time creating and painting their own Anishinaabe x-ray art.  The detail in their paintings is incredible.  During social and language arts they also wrote about a legend relating to their x-ray art. 


PreK Family Oriented Programming - Tie-Dying Shirts

PreK parents joined their children in a tie-dying session together.  Using vegetable dye, students were guided by their parents to create one of a kind shirts to take home afterward.

Reading Buddies

Kindergarten students enjoying some reading time with their Grade 5 reading buddies.


Boogie for Books - Elementary Dance

Students danced till their hearts were content at the elementary dance in support of the Adopt a School Library Campaign.


Grade 4 Arcade Day

Arcade Day is an annual grade 4 event.  It's part of the waste in our world science unit and is tied to the international cardboard challenge.  The challenge incorporates play and design in learning.  Students are challenged to design an arcade game out of cardboard and recycled materials.  On Arcade Day students and parents come together to enjoy playing the games.


St. Marguerite has Talent

Another entertaining afternoon with so many students showcasing their talents on stage.  Thank you to Mrs. Bushell for organizing a wonderful afternoon for our school to enjoy.  

The Breadlady Visits Pre-Kindergarten

Our Pre-Kindergarten students were fortunate enough to have The Breadlady, AKA Kaycee Monteleone, present to the group and teach everyone how to make delicious, healthy bread.





Grade Two - Boats and Buoyancy

The grade twos had to build a boat that could move (air, water, wind, propeller) through the water and then carry a load of washers without tipping. A variety of materials were used and you can see many creative approaches to their boat building skills.  They also made plasticene boats and were floating them with and without a load.


Family Literacy Day - Read for 15

In celebration of Family Literacy Day our school community took part in the Read for 15 Challenge.  Students found a comfortable spot, their favourite book and read for 15 minutes.

Shaving Cream Snowmen

Pre-Kindergarten students had a blast today creating snowmen using shaving cream and glue combined.  

Grade 3 Pumpkin Investigation and Carving

Mrs. Hebert and Ms. Lacombe's grade 3 class spent time investigating pumpkins.  They weighed, measured and made predictions of their pumpkins before carving them into Jack-o''-lanterns.

Pumpkin Carving

Mrs. Hoffer's Pre-Kindergarten class enjoyed pumpkin carving with the help of Mrs. Clarke's Gr. 9 class this week.

Elementary Fun Day!

Elementary students enjoyed the warm weather with their classmates and teachers while celebrating another successful school year during our annual fun day events.